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Florida's Byways and Ancestral Trails

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Uelsmann Untitled: A Retrospective

This handsome volume is published by the University Press of Florida and claims to be the “largest number of Uelsmann images collected in a single volume”.

Jerry N. Uelsmann is considered a forerunner of 20th century photomontage. He began teaching art at the University of Florida in 1960 and has continued to live and work in Florida. He is considered a master in his field and his work gathered great popular and critical attention and has continued to do so for over half a century.

The Library Art Collection has 2 works by Uelsmann in the John F. Germany Permanent Collection. “Garth” and “Photofield” can both be accessed at the following link:


Uelsmann Untitled Florida Collection R 770.92 Uelsmann


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Burgert Brothers Highlights: November is Aviation History Month!

Celebrate Aviation History Month with this 1928 Burgert image of three Florida Airways planes parked in proximity to each other at Drew Field in Tampa, Florida. Eddie Rickenbacker, the WWI ace and aviation visionary founded the pioneering, although financially unsuccessful airline. Courtesy of Burgert Brothers: Neg. no. V1057 | PA 1555.

Search the Burgert collection here: http://bit.ly/1gErh2M.